Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning at HEQAG

Strategic planning is the process in which HEIs leaders define, and prepare their vision, and prospects for the future and identify their goals and objectives.

Strategic Planning at HEQAG

Strategic Plan A – June 2021

Goal 1 – Provide an international forum for the exchange and dissemination of information and knowledge pertaining to quality assurance.

Increase partnerships and strengthen relationships with international QA organizations and professionals.
Foster development of QA professionals from regions not otherwise represented by a national or regional QA society.
Foster the outreach program, and support for individuals living in low-income countries as designated by the World Bank.
Provide workshops and training for no-profit institutions and individuals living in low-income countries as designated by the World Bank.
Provide education and training for QA professionals.

Strategic Plan B – January 2022

Goal 2 – Advance the quality assurance profession.

Facilitate interactions with governmental organizations and their representation.
Facilitate interactions with academia.
Facilitate interactions with industry.
Facilitate interactions with the labor market.
Facilitate interactions with professional societies that share the HEQAG goals of advancing the ethics, and principles of the group.
Develop HEQAG QA program.
Promote professional publications.
Provide opportunities for career development.
Promote honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior in the quality assurance profession.

Strategic Plan C – June 2022

Goal 3 – More exposure to the international world.

Initiate discussion, educational opportunities, and publications.
Translate the most important content related to quality assurance in order to give the internationalization prospect of HEQAG
Be in touch with the most important and most prestigious quality assurance networks and have their membership. The target for this objective is the following:

ANQAHE: Arab Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
AfriQAN: Quality Assurance Network for African Higher Education
APQN: Asia-Pacific Quality Network
AQAN: ASEAN Quality Assurance Network
ASPA: The Association for Specialised and Professional Accreditors
CAMES: African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education
CANQATE: Caribbean Area Network for QA in Tertiary Education
CEENQA: Central and Eastern European Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education
CHEA/CIQG: Council for Higher Education Accreditation / International Quality Group
CHEA: Council for Higher Education Accreditation
EAQAN: East African Higher Education Quality Assurance Network
EASPA: European Alliance for Subject-Specific and Professional Accreditation & Quality Assurance
ECA: European Consortium for Accreditation in Higher Education
ENQA: European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
ENAEE: European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education
EQANIE: European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education
IQA/AQAAIW: Association of QA Agencies of the Islamic World

Strategic Plan D – January 2023

Goal 4 -Quality and accreditation services.

Provide accreditation services for HEIs.
Provide programmatic accreditation for higher education programs
Provide institutional accreditation for higher education institutions.
Support the development of and recognize the first steps into leadership.
Provide certification services for post-secondary education programs.
Increase the amount of advanced educational content.

Strategic Plan E – June 2023

Goal 5 – Be open to the world

Help our members to apply quality policies.
Increase participation in the Annual Meetings.
Increase the use of technology tools in quality assurance.
Increase the quality of the HEQAG publications.
Provide scholarships for candidates who show great interest in quality assurance and quality control.
Provide financial aid for candidates who plan to promote quality at their institutions.
Expand the HEQAG membership.


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