Consultancy Services

HEQAG Consultancy Service offers professional consultancy services to services to institutions of higher education, vocational education, traditional education, post-secondary education, modern education institutions, and institutions that offer their programs entirely online.
We support our consultancy services with the help of experienced consultants in the field of quality assurance and accreditation. Those talented professionals provide solutions to HEIs across the world.

We primarily provide accreditation/quality assurance consultancy services to higher education institutions. Nevertheless, those services can be provided to the following range of institutions:
Intermediate institutions
Vocational Schools
Medical Schools
Business Administration Schools
Medical Academies
Training Academies
Training Institutes
Online-based institutions
Language Schools
Religious Institutions
Non-for-Profit institutions.

We have the ability to implement consulting projects and help in:

Preparing for National and International Accreditation.
Creation of Customized Training Courses
Monitoring and Evaluation
Feasibility Studies
Political Strategy
Project and Program Management
Organizational Sustainability and Strategic Planning
Project Management for Development
Strategic and future planning
Trustees, University, Colleges, Departments Board governance, and structure.
HEIs management
Financial planning, budget, and HR
Evaluation and support for HEIs
Curriculum development and faculty members training
Institutional assessments
culture improvement
Faculty Recruitment
Marketing and Social Media
Student Recruitment, Local, Regional, and International
International Development
Internationalization of the university
Networking with other Universities
Memberships consulting
Accreditation Planning
Ongoing Quality assurance
Partnership, MoUs, and Rankings Development
Health and Safety Issues
Developing and diversity
Strategic Work Plan, Mission, Values, Core Goals, and Operational Plan
Start-up Budget for Operation
Managing Needs, Recruitment, Contracts, and Job Descriptions
Managing students, Records, and Accounting.
Managing Staff Policies, Handbooks, and Manuals for Staff, Students, and Parents.
Recruitment Solutions