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Higher Education Quality and Assessment Group

QA group with the aim contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of the quality assurance and quality management over the world

The group provides academic services related to QA for universities, students, other academic institutions, and for other quality assurance agencies.


HEQAG respects the diversity of Quality assurance, and quality management systems and works with respects to all diversity procedures of quality.

HEQAG provides a forum for discussion on quality and accreditation.


HEQAG provides membership services for quality assurance agencies, higher education institutions, and individuals who have great interest in quality matters

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HE Quality Assessment

HEQAG provides Quality Assessment services to higher education institutions, universities, colleges, and educational institutions for their operation and/or their programs.

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Workshops & Training

We provide workshops for higher education institutions who would like to improve and enhance their operational statue, or establish their QA units. workshops are good for newly-established HEIs

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HEQAG provides consultancy for universities that are planning to start accreditation/certification process whither for their programs, or for the whole institution.

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HE Quality and Assessment Group HEQAG is a non for profit group with interest in quality assurance and quality management of higher education institutions. The group provides services related to HE.
QA group with the aim contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of the quality assurance and quality management over the world.


HEQAG aims to provide a platform for QA stakeholders in a way that can help in promoting the culture of QA at HEIs. We also aim to help universities and higher education institutions to improve and enhance their structure.
HEQAG also aims to make collaboration agreements with other QA agencies with mutual projects.

Contribute to the improvement of quality and fostering of a quality culture
Encourage HEIs to develop their quality units.
Encourage HEIs to implement strategic development, planning, and innovation,
Enhance the standards and quality of independent further and higher education and training institutions
Enhance understanding of QA by providing a translation of the most important researches into different languages.

We believe in, support, and encourage the following values:

Academic advisement: Academic advisement is a term used in the United States. In the UK, for example, this would be referred to as personal tutorial support.
Academic freedom: Academic freedom is the right for individual scholars to learn, teach, research, and publish without interference or fear of reprisal.