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Evaluation for HEIs

HEQAC provides evaluation for higher education institutions in order to enhance their quality procedures.


HEQAC aims contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of the quality assurance and quality management over the world.


provides academic services related to QA for universities, other academic institutions, and for other quality assurance agencies.


respects the diversity of Quality assurance, and quality management systems and works with respects to all diversity procedures of quality.

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Evaluated programs
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Quality Assurance Experts
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QA Workshops and Trainings


HEQAC provides membership services for quality assurance agencies, higher education institutions, and individuals who have great interest in quality matters.

HE Quality Assessment

HEQAC provides Quality Assessment services to higher education institutions, universities, colleges, and educational institutions for their operation and/or their programs.

Workshops & Training

We provide workshops for higher education institutions who would like to improve and enhance their operational statue, or establish their QA units. workshops are good for newly-established HEIs.


HEQAC provides consultancy for universities that are planning to start accreditation/certification process whither for their programs, or for the whole institution.

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About HEQAG Establishment 2016 Main Focus Quality Assurance Targeted Group

Code of Conduct

HEQAG Code of Conduct company policy outlines our expectations regarding

Consultancy Services

HEQAG Consultancy Service offers professional consultancy services to services to

Intercultural competence

Intercultural competence is a continuous and lifelong journey to increase

Culture of Quality

Culture of Quality is about developing organisational value systems that

Strategic Planning

strategic planning is the process in which HEIs leaders define,

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Our Quality services has  a an international impact.

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