Structure of HEQAC

Higher Education Quality and Assessment Council has a structure consisting of a board of directors, permanent members, and founding members.


HEQAC works on developing and improving the work of higher education institutions and raising their quality level, which contributes to developing their work and improving the relationship between them and the stakeholders



HEQAC seeks to support the presence of students in higher education institutions and consolidate and enhance their voice and presence, which ultimately leads to the achievement and promotion of educational quality standards



HEQAC works together with all parties, bodies, and other groups to enhance the level of quality around the world. Together with other QA agencies, we seek to apply an international plan and prospect for both HEIs, and students.



HEQAC presents an open model for the internationalization of the quality of higher education around the world, which leads to the creation of a sound and healthy environment for the work and activity of higher education institutions around the world.