Higher Education Institutions Directory

Higher education institutions are there, and HEQAG would like to support those institutions in order to enhance their operation. For that reason, and in order to provide a list of universities and higher education institutions that we would like to support and help, we provide a list of potent HEIs that we are ready to start working with.
The main goal of this list is to provide a directory of universities that we would like to support directory without any verification about the legal status of the universities included in the directory.

This directory is:
– A list of HEIs that we know, and that are actively working and providing post-secondary educational programs for students.
– A directory for HEIs that provides scientific research activities.
– A list of universities with international influence
– Academies, post-secondary schools, institutions, institutes, and institutions that provide online programs.
– Ordered alphabetically, no privilege for those at the beginning of the list.

This directory is not, and should never be used for any of the following.
– Any form or method of certification, accreditation, or membership by HEQAG
– Any form of advantage for universities
– Any form of legal obligation on behalf of HEQAG.
– Any form of ranking. This is a directory of HEIs. In case you are interested in rankings, you are highly encouraged to log in to international ranking bodies.
– Any form of official authorization for the operation of HEIs.

In the case you are planning to use this directory for a reason(s) indicated in the second list, you are asked to leave this page.

In the case you ask for inclusion/removal for your institution from this directory, please send an email to info@heranking.com

Upon moving to the directory, I hereby approve the aforementioned terms: