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Higher Education Quality and Assessment Group HEQAC provides internationalization services to universities and higher education institutions.

The range of services includes promoting the university, connecting the university with international partners, and supporting the university to sign MoUs with international universities with the same prospects.


HEQAC plays a vital role in connecting international students with their prospectus universities. HEQAC acts as a hub between students and universities.



In order to enhance the orientation of universities, connect them with the world, and give them more exposure to different geographical areas, HEQAC provides translation services to your website, a list of programs, brochures, and all important documents that international students/faculty should be aware of. We provide translation services to more than 8 languages.



HEQAC help and support talented students by informing them about important scholarships and inform them about the deadline for such scholarships. HEQAC also supports HEIs about announcements of institutional grants for educational institutions.